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PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty

The Interns out doing their AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty

… getting in the mood and channeling their inner shark with everyone’s favourite song!

We are blessed to have our home reef frequented as a safe haven and breeding spot for Angel Sharks; a beautiful and critically endangered species.

Night Diving – Kim and Monika

Kim and Monika off on another adventure… this time at night!

#ArrowCrabs #SeaHares #Eels #GoldenBelaric #Moray and even an #AngelShark!!!!

How amazing!

Night Dive – Angel Shark Sighting


Some footage of a beautiful young Angel Shark found by Kim, our resident PADI Platinum Course Director, on a recent night dive.

It is the 5th most endagered shark species. We’re so lucky to be able to have these sightings in Abades Bay.

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Diving Against Debris

Another 3kg of #debris collected from the bay.

It’s still shocking to find as much debris as we do in our Marine Protected Area. It’s about time that humans started to realise the consequences of their actions, and make the necessary change.


Angel Shark Sighting – Caught on Camera!


A beautiful young Angel Shark spotted by Rich and Michelle in the bay!!! 😁😁😁We surmise from it’s behaviour that it was playing hide and seek with friends.

A rare and special sighting this time of year for this critically endangered species. 🦈