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PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty

The Interns out doing their AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty

… getting in the mood and channeling their inner shark with everyone’s favourite song!

We are blessed to have our home reef frequented as a safe haven and breeding spot for Angel Sharks; a beautiful and critically endangered species.

Instructor Specialty Week!

This week is Instructor #SpecialityWeek!

Our new and excited PADI Instructors are upping their game and becoming Instructors in a multitude of PADI Specialities.

For starters this week we have already had #Deep #Wreck #DSMB #EmergencyO2 #Navigation #Nitrox #SharkAware and #CompressorOperator (a PADI Distinctive Specialty written by our very own Platinum Course Director Kim). Bring on the rest of the week!