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Another year ends and time to say goodbye to 2023.

A year full of changes and discovery at the Tenerife Diving Academy.

Thank you to all of those who became professional scuba divers in 2023, be it Divemasters, Instructors or Assistant Instructor Trainers and to all those recreational divers who we welcomed as customers and left us as friends.
We would like to thank the most amazing support Team at SSI, Aritz, Dani and Paolo and Yolanda whose support has surpassed any expectations.
It was awesome to have a support Team who are on call, not just for asking questions, but who actually give answers and real help, something we had missed for many years with another certain diving agency.
On top of this high-end service, at the year of the year to NOT pay any renewals for the Dive Centre or Instructors due to the SSI Pro reward programs is a welcomed start to 2024 saving €1,000s.
And what can be the icing on the cake for a professional scuba operation?
How about no price increases for materials, again unlike other certain dive agencies who are ramping up the prices yet again by another 4% -6%, and who give you nothing in return!
Thanks also goes to our Instructors and Divemasters that have been part of our Team this year and done an amazing job at the sharp end.
And a special thanks to Fiona, who quietly made life for everyone a lot easier.
Finally we have welcomed our son Alfie, into the world this year. We hope that him and his sister will join us as divers in a few years from now.
So, as we dive into 2024 we wish everyone an awesome, healthy, and happy year and hope to see you soon.


Divemaster Tenerife 2023#TDA

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