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Assistant Scuba Instructor in Tenerife

Meet Nina, a determined and passionate diver from Poland who is currently busy assisting dive instructor Pat in Tenerife. Her love for the ocean and all its wonders has brought her to this beautiful island, where she is honing her skills and gaining valuable experience in preparation for her own Instructor course.

As she assists Pat in teaching others how to explore the underwater world, she is one step closer to achieving her dream.
But Nina’s journey doesn’t stop there. She is also taking the time to practice her own dive skills, perfecting her techniques and expanding her knowledge. She knows that in order to become a great instructor, she must first be a skilled and confident diver.
As she dives deeper and explores new depths, Nina is filled with excitement and anticipation for her upcoming Instructor course. She knows that this is just the beginning of her journey and she is ready to embrace every challenge and opportunity that comes her way.
So here’s to Nina, a true inspiration for all aspiring divers and instructors. Her passion for the ocean and determination to follow her dreams is a reminder to us all to never stop learning and to always dive with purpose.
Keep shining, Nina, the ocean is waiting for you!


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