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In Celebration of the PADI Divemaster

A good divemaster is the PADI System’s “secret weapon.”

The role of the PADI Divemaster can’t be underestimated. Divemasters are often the conduit between student divers and instructors. Sometimes students find themselves struggling with particular cognitive or motor skills. Instead of risking looking foolish in front of the instructor, reaching out to the dive master for help creates a strong bond of trust. A diver may look for assistance in mastering the physics of diving, overcoming an inwater skill, making the best equipment purchase choice, figuring out how to get to the dive site or whether to bring sunscreen. The divemaster can become the source of all kinds of dive knowledge for that diver.

The PADI® System of diver education is built upon a foundation of learning and applying safe diving for fun and exploration. It is this system that makes PADI Pros the most sought-after professionals in the scuba diving space. While many divers may not fully appreciate the significance of the PADI Divemaster, PADI Instructors, Dive Centers and Resorts do because certified assistants are integral to the PADI System. Divemasters are a key component that allows other parts of the system to move freely and function at full capacity, working toward optimal safety and education to enhance fun and adventure.

What is a divemaster’s value to an instructor and dive center? From the PADI Instructor’s perspective, a good divemaster is like the best birthday present ever. Someone who anticipates needs, shares the course planning and execution load, communicates effectively and empathically with divers and works independently when needed, a divemaster is a trusted second-in-command whose presence can help ultimately contribute to effectively conducting PADI courses.

For the dive center, a good PADI Divemaster can be the store’s secret weapon; its USP (unique selling proposition) that drives repeat business. Happy customers are often repeat customers, and repeat customers translate to increased revenue. PADI Divemasters are the most versatile of creatures who may be found filling cylinders, preparing a site briefing and assisting on a training dive that morning. In the afternoon they may be out guiding certified divers or coordinating a Dive Against Debris® survey. (Does this sound like you?)

The breadth of knowledge and skills needed to become and remain a competent PADI Divemaster can’t be overstated. Everything learned and experienced at this professional level forms the foundation of the PADI Instructor you may aspire to soon become.

Earning the prized title of PADI Divemaster is pretty awesome, with much kudos attached to it, and you’ll want to hang on to it. Do this by staying current. Renew your membership each year. Read all published training and standards updates. Go to live Member Forums and network with other PADI Pros. Look for opportunities to practice and further develop your knowledge and skills. Take PADI specialty courses. You never know where or when you’ll be called upon to use your divemaster knowledge and skills, so always be ready.

Be Best. Be PADI℠.

Article courtesy of Adam Fung

How to mentally prepare for your PADI IDC in 5 simple steps

Do you have your PADI IDC coming up? Starting to panic? No need! I know how you feel, all Instructors I know, including myself, have gone through this stage and look back at their course wishing they had known why they didn’t need to be nervous at all. Great news; I’m going to do my best to explain the reasons why you can stop stressing in 5 simple steps, so you can look forward to your course and start in a positive way.

PADI 5 Star Dive Centre

Step 1
Let me cover the most important reason first; the PADI Instructor Development Course is exactly that; a Development course. That means that during the course itself, you will be taught everything you need to know to be able to pass the exams. Now just let that sink in for a second… You are not expected to know everything at all, that’s why your PADI Course Director will be there to teach you! It’s a bit like your first driving lesson (advantage: you as a Divemaster already know how to scuba dive!). For your first driving lesson you were probably pretty nervous, excited too, but as it comes closer, the stress starts to creep in. You get in that car for the first time, your palms are sweating, the Instructor asks you to start the car – Succes!! Immediately after you probably stalled it but hey, that’s all part of the learning process! As the lessons progress, you keep getting better and better at driving, and if you make a mistake, the Instructor corrects it, he’s in control, and he’s there to guide and assist you.

PADI Divemaster internship

Step 2
This might sounds strange, but I recommend that you make as many mistakes as possible in your IDC, and learn from all of them. Learn from other people’s mistakes too, and before you know it, you have learned more in 1 day than you ever have in a single day before! You and the other candidates will be given assignments, these are for practice to start with. You will be able to see many skills and presentations, and you will all learn from each others mistakes. That way, by the time you get to the examination, you will have seen most things the way they should or should not be done, and you can implement this.

PADI IDC Tenerife

Step 3
Now, has the thought about taking the exams been bugging you at all? You’re probably thinking, you’re talking about driving tests, but you have heard lots of people fail them. True, many people fail DRIVING tests, but in the PADI World it’s different, in a good way! PADI’s aim is to have everyone pass, not to go on a certain number people they need to pass or fail. So even if you think you will be the worst one of the the group (odds on you won’t be) you can still easily pass. It is in everyone’s benefit for you to pass.


Step 4
Preparation is key. Luckily there is a lot you can do to prepare. As a PADI Divemaster, you have gone through the diver levels of PADI Open Water Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response, PADI Rescue and PADI Divemaster. First of all, make sure you re-familiarise yourself with the theory behind those courses. Every course builds on the last, so make sure your foundation is strong. With that, you’ve probably done half the work already! Diving experience-wise, you need 100 logged dives. Never stop logging your dives! The diving part is easy by now, 100 dives is a lot so you know how to dive by now! Then there is the diving skills part. You should definitely be very familiar with all the skills. The IDC will teach you more in depth knowledge about the skills, but the foundation should be there, and you should be comfortable with doing every skill. Once you’re confident about these few things, you’re ready to go!

PADI IDC Canary Islands

Step 5
Have fun! You might think, fun? I’m going to be doing exams, presentations and all kinds of scary stuff. Well, don’t worry, the course has been put together to cater for everyone, and to make is as easy as possible to learn and understand the process. If you’re part of the 99,9% of the world that has a fear of public speaking, even that has been thought about. The PADI System provides you with a very clear and short sequence to follow. All you need to do is follow the list, say what is says on your paper and that’s it! It really has been made super-easy, to allow for anyone to be able to do it!

Now you should feel a little more relaxed about getting prepared for the IDC! If you have any questions, send us an email and don’t forget to read our other blogs!

Project AWARE dives on Abades

Project Aware Tenerife

The planet’s oceans (technically 1 interlinked ocean) are extremely important to us. They are the source and sustenance of all life on Earth, oxygenating the air we breath and spreading warmth around the planet, as well as providing us with our best-loved, romantic and imaginative stories. The spectacles of nature in the oceans are unparalleled, inspiring every diver that witnesses underwater environments.

Even with all this aside, seeing the amount of marine debris is painful to anyone. Taking into account the significant importance of the oceans and the 693 different species animals that are directly affected by rubbish, it becomes almost unbearable. The large majority of marine debris sinks, so as divers, we have a unique opportunity to tackle this issue head on. Whenever an item of marine debris is removed from the ocean, it becomes safer for marine animals, the data collected informs policy and expands understanding and convinces others of the need for change.

In our latest project AWARE dive on Abades Bay, 4 divers collected 5kg of human caused marine debris over the course of 2 short dives. It was very rewarding to know that the 3 bags of trash we removed can no longer cause harm to the great variety of species that live and visit the reefs around the bay.

Hopefully the continuing efforts of divers, driven by the proud history of removing rubbish from the oceans will preserve the oceans and all their beauty for the next generations of the planet to enjoy 🙂

Simon Weighell
PADI Divemaster Trainnee – England

#ProjectAWARE #Adoptadivesite #DiveAgainstDebris

PADI Divemaster almost finished…….

PADI DIvemaster Canary Islands

Seventh week at the Tenerife Diving Academy.
Sunday Hazel and I were to do search and recovery dive however when we got into the water we were then told it was going to be kit exchange underwater. Apparently you are not told that it will be kit exchange with lots of time to plan as it’s a problem solving exercise, first time we tried to descend with one regulator I was not able to get a good enough breath so we came back onto the surface and tried again but this time it was hazel who couldn’t get a breath so the instructor Tania advised she would do it one on one with us. In the end I got top marks.
Monday I went on 2 fun dives with Hazel and Simon in the morning and that afternoon we went on a skills practice dive and helped each other recognize our mistakes.
Tuesday I done another skills practice dive with the instructor Laura and the new girl Kate and Hazel. In the afternoon hazel and I were buddied up to do a search and recovery and the boys Simon and Dom were buddied up the girls found there item in 2 minutes but the boys took 30 minutes we also learned how to take an item to the surface using a buoy.
Wednesday it was my birthday so we all went on a fun dive to Tabaiba where there is a shipwreck that was really awesome to see and then the boss took us for Non alcoholic beverage when we got back to the shop we had to do the 100m tow and I had to do kit exchange with Kate and she needed to be marked for hers.
Thursday was a skills dive practice again as my assessment is next week so all the practice is needed. In the afternoon I had my dive master written exam which I passed meaning I have 1 week left till I become a dive master.



My turn to start my PADI Divemaster course for real

PADI Divemaster Intern Scotland

Sixth week at the Tenerife Diving Academy.
Sunday I went on five fun dives with hazel, Dom, abi and Craig with myself leading the first 3 dives. We went around the Abades reef and went to trumpet fish cave we managed to see eight stingray which is the most that we have seen on the reef. After the dives they gave me some constructive feedback, point things out more and to check that everyone has completed their safety stop.
The other two dives Tania joined us and we see more stingray and a white spotted octopus. We also picked up loads of rubbish that was found in the sea.
Monday I was assisting on the rescue course for Robert, Miia and Lucia we complete all 10 rescue course exercises however on the Tuesday only Miia could complete here rescue course as the other two had issues with their ears.
Wednesday we went to El Poris to do our deep water entry with Simon, Tania and I, I scored a 4 out of 5 as I forget to check for objects or people below me before entering.
We then went out of 2 fun dives with Miia leading for the first time, I handed her my dive slate as she had not prepared a dive brief so I tried to help her as much as I possibly could and give her some hints and tips, she was then to lead the dive on the reef but she had not yet been in the reef to dive so she wasn’t too sure where and how to get to places. She buddied up with Abi so she could lead the dive. Beforehand we discussed how best to buddy people up and I was asked how I would of done it and the way I explained the instructors agreed they would of done it the same way which made me feel more confident in my own dive briefs.
Thursday I was granted a day off as I had an issue with my back muscles.
Let’s see what next week brings.


My first Project Aware dive

Project Aware

There is something about diving that we love, once you dive beneath the water, enjoying the amazing environment and everything it has to offer to us. From the small organisms, all the way up to the largest of creatures that roam this world. However, we have a problem and we have created it. The sea is littered with rubbish, even in Abades Bay, Tenerife, we have a lot of rubbish in the sea.
We need to keep it clean!

During every dive that we do here we make sure we pick up as much rubbish as we can and bring it out of the ocean. Education is also highly important; the more people understand this problem the better, and then we can get more people to help take care of their surroundings.

That is why during my PADI Divemaster internship in Tenerife I did a Project Aware specialty. I had to plan and lead a dive in the House Reef along with 2 other people who wanted to join, Abi and Craig. This dive lasted 56 minutes and we managed to fill a big bag full of rubbish. Some of the many things we found during our dive included plastics, papers, sharp metal and also a shoe!
It really is unbelievable how much rubbish you can find when you look for it.
Dragging this big bag of rubbish out of the sea felt good though.
It was a really nice dive, knowing we are doing something really positive for the local reef and at the same time enjoying it too.

Bringing rubbish out of the sea we do on every dive but this was on a much larger scale as we came fully prepared for it.
We really enjoyed doing this for our local reef and would recommend anyone else who is diving here or anywhere else in this beautiful planet to do the same too.

Let’s help make this ocean a little cleaner, one step at a time.

Linda Orru
PADI Divemaster – Turin, Italy

PADI Rescue and EFR courses Week 5

Emergency First Response Course EFR

Fifth week at Tenerife Diving Academy.
Sunday was the start of my PADI Rescue course where we learned how to help an unresponsive diver under water and how best to hold the regulator and when you should and should not put it back into the divers mouth and how to cradle the tank so you are able to ascend with them. We also learned how to tow the unresponsive diver and how to give rescue breaths and get them out of the water to begin CPR. We learned how to approach a tired diver and a panicked diver learning how to take control of the situation and how to calm them down when towing them back to the shore.
We learned how to search for a missing diver underwater.
Monday we put everything we learned into practice but with a much further distance and depth than before which we all managed to pass. In the afternoon we were shown how to provide oxygen and showing the different ways to administer it.
Tuesday was classroom day where we learned the complete emergency first response with Anne the doll that is used to practice on, we had to make sure we knew he correct term to help someone so we were protected by the Good Samaritan Law and how to perform CPR, in the afternoon we were given real life scenarios to help us understand and give us the confidence to help the person in need.
All exams passed and officially a rescue diver now.
Wednesday we came in to find that most of us were going on a fun dive to a new area called Turtle Bay half way across the island we were not lucky enough to see any turtles but surprisingly the boss and his wife came along which was nice as it was my first time diving with both of them and on the way back we stopped for a quick refreshment which was nice as the boss paid.
Thursday I went on a fun dive with Craig and Hazel, was nice a relaxed and I showed hazel how to kill a Black long spined sea urchin and she was amazed to see that all the fish follow and know exactly what you are about to do before doing it. They knew it was dinner time.
Let’s see what next week brings.


Diving in Tenerife has shifted up a gear!

Diving in Tenerife has shifted up a gear!

All I can say after diving in Tenerife before is the other dive centres had better watch out!!

If you are looking for the best customer experience you can find then this is the place.

I had almost got used to being just “one of many divers” but now I know you can get a personalised service at an affordable cost.

Dont take my word for it, give them a try and you will never look back!

Jeasen Lee

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Mapping a Dive Site in Tenerife

PADI Divemaster Tenerife

Fourth week at Tenerife Diving Academy.
Sunday I went on a dive to do my first ever map of the Abades reef with Charlie who is studying for his IDC, Lucas was to count the kick cycles and I was to take notes of the depths while Baptise was to take down note of bearings. When we got back to the dive shop we were to then make a map showing what we learned including natural reference points, however the kick cycles were nit accurate so when I attempted to do my map to scale it was not correct and I had to redo the map three times. Also managed to get 2 minutes 30 seconds off my original 800m snorkel swim.
Monday I went on a fun dive with Baptiste and Lucas and was able to learn some more fish and also managed to kill a few Black long spined sea urchins.
Tuesday I went on fun dives with Baptiste and Craig this time and we managed to see Barracuda for the first time at the trumpet fish cave and then out of nowhere there was a whole school of them but they were pretty far away to get a good look at them.
Wednesday I was out on a fun dive with Baptiste and Lucas but before that it was my turn to do my first diving brief, Pete thought I done really well.
Thursday I done my second briefing in front of another instructor this time I felt more confident and was able to do it without making any mistakes, Baptiste, Lucas and I went on our fun dive but this was a dive I would remember as on our way to trumpet fish cave we came across a large school of white bream and it was mesmerising all of a sudden there was a large school of barracuda right in front of us in between the white bream it truly was amazing to see and I loved every minute of it.

PADI Rescue course begins next week so let’s see how I get on with that.


Awesome dive crew and experience when we booked with Tenerife Dive Academy

Awesome dive crew and experience when we booked with Tenerife Dive Academy and it was one of the best choices we made on our trip to Tenerife.
The whole crew was amazing! They picked us up from our resort by car each morning that we went diving, and were very organized when we arrived at the shop so that we could spend as much time diving as possible.
Everyone was very informed, friendly, professional and wanted to make sure your experience was great. The dive leaders were great and made sure that we saw as much sea life as possible while diving.
Would definitely dive with them again if we come back to Canary Islands, and would highly recommend them to anyone travelling to go diving here!

Alicia Cerna

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Best scuba diving centre in Tenerife

Been here 3 times in 2 years and just gets better.
Diving kit is first class, guides are fantastic and so helpful.
Interns are always funny to watch! The owners deserve a medal for putting up with some of them!
If your looking for laid back and chilled this is the place, no rush, no fuss, no bother. Perfect
Keep up the good work.

Mary Franqui

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Fun dives in Tenerife

PADI Divemaster interns

Third week at Tenerife Diving Academy.
Monday I was put on fun dives with Craig, Abi and Álvaro it was my first time I got to dive with the 3 of them.
Craig was leading not sure if it was his first time but he done really well making sure all points were covered including the pre dive safety check and his de brief (nervous still not done mine yet) we had a really good dive got to see a cuttlefish for the first time also so that was pretty awesome.
On Tuesday I got to do some more fun dives with Craig and Abi and this time it was Abi’s time to lead she also done very well but we did advise that she had to check on us more often and turn around to check on us and also ask us about our air. Though we did have a great dive and again got to see Abades reef.
On Wednesday we went on a fun dive this time with Baptiste, Lucas, Charlie and I but this time we done some project aware dives and killed some longspined Black Sea urchins for me it was not the first time but I still found it difficult but I finally got into the swing of things and managed to do what was required, however the fish love to eat them so was cool how close they got to me and I could see them much closer in person.
On Thursday some of the team at the dive centre had their skills assessment coming up so they were doing the last skill dive practice so we went out and I watched and tried to pick up things I may of missed before but I was easily distracted when I seen an octopus (love seeing things you don’t see everyday) however my attention was back on the other divers watching them finish their practice I have my fingers crossed for them this week hopefully pass with full marks.


Deep diving in Tenerife

PADI Advanced course Charlene

Second week at the Tenerife Diving Academy.
On the Sunday I was able to go to Las Eras and do my first deep dive this was going to be my first dive with one of the instructors called Tania.
I’m sure this women was a fish in her past life we managed to get down to 24.4 metres furthest so far I have ever dived. I have never felt a current as strong as it was in this dive location it was impossible to move without pulling yourself along the rocks but we managed to all get out safe and sound.
On the Monday unfortunately I had a common cold so stayed at home and out of the water, on the Tuesday I was still not feeling too great but went into the dive centre anyway to try and help out whatever way I could, we had paying customers in that day so I was able to help wash all their kit and do some daily jobs to try and help the other interns finish quickly and go home.
Wednesday I was better and knew I had to finish my advanced so I was able to dive I completed my peak performance buoyancy, fish identification and navigation with Sorcha.
Thursday we went out and done a 1 hour fun dive with one of the interns leading he took me to trumpet fish cave for the first time it was a really nice and relaxed dive when he got back to the dive centre we were advised we could go a night dive which would mean it would be my last thing to complete my PADI Advanced Diver certification.
So at 8pm we went on our night dive it was really good learning new signs using the torch. Once in the water it was very surreal I couldn’t see much and the torch only goes so far but in the dark ocean you really do feel very small in the big blue. I seen very large sea urchins and an octopus also an angel shark.

Let’s see what week 3 has in store for me.


First week as an intern at the Tenerife Diving Academy

PADI Divemaster intern Charlene

Arrived in Abades in a taxi and all the houses looked so alike that even the taxi driver took a long time to find the house, though when I finally found it I was greeted by a Spanish gentleman who was visiting his cousin who I later found out to be one of the instructors.

With his broken English we managed to establish that the instructor was on a night dive and suddenly an Italian girl arrived at the house and was able to give me access to the property. She showed me around the house explained the house rules and general everyday rules. We then went down to the beach where you could see the others doing there night dive.

Sunday arrived and it was my first day at the dive centre after going through some paperwork and buying some scuba gear I was ready for my first day in the water, however I first learned how to assemble as dismantle my kit, I done this 3 times while the instructors watched, then it was time to pack up and go home for my first day in the water.

Monday morning we geared up was shown how to do this on the previous day and headed out with 2 instructors to do my PADI DSD.

Tuesday morning more weight on my weight belt to see if this would help me descend better as I was now beginning to learn skills along with a customer, only issue I had was having to remove by BCD on the water surface on the afternoon dive.

Wednesday morning more skills with the same customer who was doing his PADI open water course also, this time more successful except I lost my right fin twice and my mask keep flooding but I was able to handle the situation well, that evening we learned some more skills and this again was a very productive and successful dive.

Thursday morning we kitted up went out in the morning to do our first part of the PADI open water course, in the afternoon we went back out to complete the open water course and complete the open water course exam, Woo hoo I passed so now I am a PADI OPEN WATER DIVER.


Pete and his staff are truly professionals, we would highly recommend diving with Tenerife Diving Academy!

This is the second year that we have gone diving with Tenerife Diving Academy. First time we obtain our PADI Advanced Open Water Certification and now the PADI Rescue diver. The Instructor is patient, is a wonderful teacher, personable, and the Boss runs a top notch dive operation. We made arrangements for this a few months in advance of our trip; everything went as planned.
Diving with a small group operation is the only way to go, in my opinion. Safety is their 1st concern and fun is always part of the equation.
Pete and his staff are truly professionals, we would highly recommend diving with Tenerife Diving Academy!

Trenton Smith

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My son just completed his PADI Open Water course today

My son just completed his PADI Open Water course today and I was impressed with the professionalism of all concerned from Day 1.
From the chatty Evi, professional Pete, helpful Divemasters who were organising all the gear in the shop to Tania who made the practical side fun and engaging for a teenager everything went without a hitch.
A great team of people with very high standards that make you feel safe leaving your son with them.
Now I need to get my fins back on! Would definitely recommend!

James Joe

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Best Dive Centre in Canary Island

Best Dive Centre in Canary Islands……….. well we thought so 😀 
The guys that run / work are friendly, helpful, entertaining, caring and these are just a few words to describe them. If you get the chance to dive in tenerife use them, you wont regret it.

Gene Doyle

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We did 5 dives each with these guys in Tenerife and they all made it so easy

We did 5 dives each with these guys in Tenerife and they all made it so easy for us right from the very first interaction. They are professional and did great pre-dive and post dive briefings. They were incredibly well organized with great numbers to dive master ratios. The boat was pleasant to dive from even having washroom facilities. It’s easy to do either 1 or 2 dives a day. They really make it work for what each person needs and wants. I would highly recommend diving with them whether you are advanced or a new diver. Thanks Pete, Alice, Tania and the entire crew for making it such a wonderful memorable experience for us!

Maruf Shahad

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We are so excited with the experience we will be signing up for the full open water diver course

Truly great experience diving in Tenerife.
We had the opportunity to experience scuba whilst on holiday in Tenerife and booked in with Tenerife Diving Academe, and it was awesome!
We did start with some trepidation, but after watching a DVD packed full of information and getting a clear briefing from our Instructor, we felt relaxed and calm.
We were helped into our suits, another experience not to be forgotten, and then they carried our diving scuba to the ocean and helped us into it.
I have to say at this point I was more concerned with self preservation , than looking at what the rest of my family were doing, but I needn’t have worried.
All of the Instructors and assistants were very professional and helpful throughout the entire experience.
On the dive we were shown some basic skills to complete,, which of course I was brilliant at…… eventually, and then off for a tour on the “House Reef”.
If you have never tried diving you must, you will never understand just how much life is sitting just a few feet under the surface, there is 1,000’s of fish down there!
After the dive, we returned to the dive centre and “de-kitted”.
I can not thank everyone enough for giving me, and my family, this life changing experience. We are hooked!!
Pete, Alice, Tania and everyone involved, simply the most professional, experienced and helpful people I have met.

We are so excited with the experience we will be signing up for the full open water diver course, thank you.

Marsh Evens

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The Dive-Masters are very reliable and really make sure everybody is safe and has a good time.

We did a couple of dives here and were more than impressed by the professionalism and hospitality of the whole team.
Alice, the owner is very friendly and helpful – so getting your gear and organizing is no problem. The whole crew is top-notch, very organized, always friendly and also extremly funny. We had the best time diving with them. The Dive-Masters are very reliable and really make sure everybody is safe and has a good time.

Also: The Dive Sites are beautiful and have got plenty to offer…

Zahid Ahsan

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Highly recommendable………..my first dive was an amazing experience

It was my first time diving ever and I couldn’t have chosen a better location, team and instructor.
I felt 100% safe and my first dive was an amazing experience. The underwater world was absolutely amazing too.
The whole staff was super friendly and professional all the time. Overall an absolute premium experience.
Highly recommendable.

Md. Zahidul Islam

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Overall the best dive center I have seen

Overall the best dive center I have seen.

1) very good equipment

2) friendly and customer service oriented staff. I have never seen staff (and owners) so intent on making you have a good experience.

3) the dive centre is immaculate, clean, bright, spacious, inviting and not smelly!!

4) a great atmosphere. Lots going on with different groups of people of all ages, which is nice to see.

5) organization. Everything is well set up, you are correctly briefed, you know where your equipment is, what you need, etc.

Congrats to Pete, Alice on running a great business and to Evi, Tania, and the dive masters (whose names i cant remember sorry) for providing great dives.

Zaman Sakib

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I never knew tenerife was so popular for scuba

I never knew tenerife was so popular for scuba. 4 dives over 2 days and found it all very enjoyable and interesting dives.
Good quality rentals kit, an immaculate dive centre, and friendly dive guides and divers doing diving internships.
Would highly recommend and would go back.

Crystal Allen.

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Completed my PADI Divemaster internship and we had a great time.

Completed my PADI Divemaster internship and we had a great time. The training was first class and the Team very friendly. It is hard work, which obviously has upset previous interns, but it has not enabled me to get my first real diving job and im loving it. Thank you all very much…………. Perhaps back for the Instructor course.

Betty Marten.

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First class dive centre and diving in Tenerife

First class dive centre and diving. A very impressive set up, within a few hundred metres of a bay which is ideal for most divers.
It is really popular place to dive as on the day we were there I must have seen over 50 divers getting in and out !
Also the prices are very reasonable just 70 euro for 2 dives, try getting that in the Dominican !

Leroy L. Anderson.

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I would recommend the Team at the Diving Academy

I would recommend the Team at the Diving Academy to anyone who is looking to dive in Tenerife. I had such an amazing experience with these guys.
The service and care that they provide is over the top.
From the beginning of asking questions via email, which are responded to lightning fast, to when you arrive and they actually carry your diving equipment for you!
If you are looking for a great dive experience, I would look no further!
Thank you everyone but especially Tania, Pete and your team for an amazing experience that I will never forget. I will be back again soon to dive with you!
This was the best experience of a lifetime!

Bob Malhotra.

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I done my padi try dive and was very happy with my day.

I done my padi try dive and was very happy with my day.
They collected me from Los Cristianos and also dropped me home with no extra charge.
I must say i am totally hooked now and cant wait to try again, perhaps even the full diving course next time i am back.
Thank you all very much for the great experience and say hi to that crazy little dog of yours, i will make her love me next time!

Aaron Caspar.

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Completed my PADI Dive master in Tenerife and had a great time.

Completed my PADI Dive master in Tenerife and had a great time.
The training is very thorough and the instructors and other trainees well all very friendly.
The diving kit I borrowed was first class and the overall cost is incredibly cheap, I thought, for what you get.
The only surprise was how much money I spent at Martinnes bar
Challenging, rewarding, fun, hard work, worthwhile, exhausting, educational, and 100% worthwhile doing.
Thank you to everyone who helped me through but especially the Instructors Hugo, Tania, Alice and Pete.

PADI IDC next?………… If funds allow!

Istiak Abir

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PADI Open Water course – Just Fantastic

PADI Open Water course – Just Fantastic

Just got back from doing our padi open water course with Tenerife Diving and it was great.
Our Instructor, Tania, was very very patient and all of her helpers, dive masters, couldn’t have been nicer.
A particular thank you to Tom for carrying my kit up and down, and to Pete for his hospitality and making sure everything was going well.
The course itself was well though tout and other than the mask skill, which i gather a lot of people don’t like, everything was a breeze.
During the course we got to see lots and lots of fish and were even lucky enough to see a baby angel shark, which was super cool.
The weather could have been a bot warmer but 22 degrees in January and I shouldn’t be complaining really!
The Dive centre surprised me as we had looked around at a few places before but this one was really clean and bright. All the other were very smelly and quite dingy looking, so I guess it pays to look around and find somewhere that suits what you need.
I even had to treat myself to a mask, well who could resist it was a bargain!
So overall a fantastic experience with truly lovely people, thank you all so very much and we will be back soon.

Trevor Rolfe

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Went for 2 dives with the Academy Diving Centre in Tenerife

Went for 2 dives with the Academy Diving Centre in Tenerife and had a blast.
Really enjoyable dives with lots and lots to see. I am still a “newbie” at this diving but they made me feel welcome and at ease and even carried my kit all the way to the waters edge!
Thank you so much for a great time, wished I could have done more but I found them so late in my holiday but will be back next year.

Sabbir Ahmed.

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Tenerife Diving Academy were just so brilliant, professional and fun

Tenerife Diving Academy were just so brilliant, professional and fun! We cannot recommend them more highly.
Hugo, and the whole team went above and beyond to look after us on our PADI open water certification. They were very knowledgable and completely paid attention to what we needed to do to complete the course, as well as choosing dives that suited our skill levels. We had the chance to do an extra day of diving and they helped us pick a spot that challenged our skills but wasn’t too advanced, really appreciated the honesty in what was safest and most fun to try! Can’t wait for more Scuba holidays in the future.

Peter Hammel

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I did my advanced, rescue and divemaster course with these guys and it was just amazing

I did my advanced, rescue and divemaster course with these guys and it was just amazing!
There is always a good atmosphere and everyone is ready to help you out, answer questions and give advice!
And it’s a huge plus that you get to borrow all the equipment you need, even computers, which shows that they are all about providing good, SAFE diving!
I have had the time of my life with all the other interns and I’m definitely coming back!
Love you guys!

kimberley white.

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Fantastic Instructors, Staff and the interns

Me, my wife and 2 kids completed our PADI try dive at the Academy. Fantastic Instructors, Staff and the interns were all very very helpful. We had a lovely time and the kids now want to do the open water diving course. We will be back soon.

Ethan Donald

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A lovely Island with lots to do other than diving.

I am told they were the Number one on Europe for training and they certainly are. The ocean is a couple of minutes walk away and they have this huge sheltered bay to dive in. 1,000’s of fish and great volcanic landscapes (underwater if that makes sense) A lovely Island with lots to do other than diving.

Lisa Gray.

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open water dive certificate with Tenerife Diving Academy

My spouse and I did the open water dive certificate with Tenerife Diving Academy and was so glad we did. We both recommend them if this is your first experience.Our guide explained everything very clearly, even under water!
The whole Team was great and very helpful with preparations for dives. They are all very friendly and funny. We are glad to have experienced our first dive with them!

Will Cheng.

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