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Basic Diver

Come and discover the amazing aquatic life in Tenerife with the Basic Diver Course.


This gives you the opportunity to experience the underwater world in a confined water (pool  like setting) and then progress directly to an open water setting – without committing to a longer certification program.


This course is perfect for people who have have limited time available but want to experience the beautiful aquatic world of Tenerife.


After learning the basics your Scuba Instructor will have you gliding through the water in no time.


We are fortune enough to have the best training House Reef in Tenerife on our doorstep with everything from 100’s of species of fish, to Turtles, Rays and everything in between.


Come learn and enjoy your underwater experience with the best.

Whats included

The course includes the follow:

  • All digital materials
  • Scuba diving insurance
  • Certification fees
  • Rental Equipment
  • Confined Water Sessions: 1
  • Open Water dive: 1
  • Instruction from your Scuba Instructor

Course Structure

The Basic Diver program is a quick and easy introduction to the world of scuba diving. It is perfect for anyone who is interested in the underwater world, and can be completed in a very short time and still visit our amazing House Reef.

  • Digital manual: Online prior to arrival.
  • Academic Sessions: Prior to your water training
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 1
  • Open Water Dives: 1
  • Maximum Training Depth: 12 meters / 40 feet


  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Certification Prerequisites: None
  • Swim unaided

What do I need to bring

  • Passport / ID
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Bottle of water

Whats next

Leading on from the Try Scuba and Basic diver is the  Scuba Diver Program.

This is for anyone who doesn’t have have the time to complete the Open Water Diver program, and provides you with the training and experience required to dive in open water environments under the supervision of a dive professional. You will earn the Scuba Diver certification, which can be upgraded to the Open Water Diver certification with additional training.