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Divemaster Faiz intern from India

We are thrilled to welcome Faiz, our newest #Divemaster intern from #Mumbai, #India.

Faiz will be joining our Zero to Hero program for the next six weeks, where he will be immersed in the world of #scuba #diving and given all the necessary training and experience to become a certified Divemaster.

We are excited to have Faiz as part of our team and we are confident that he will excel in this program. As a bustling city known for its vibrant culture and rich history, Mumbai may seem like an unlikely place for someone to develop a love for diving. However, Faiz has a passion for the #ocean and #marine life.
Faiz decided to pursue his dream of becoming a #professional #diver and chose our dive center to help him achieve this goal.

We were impressed by Faiz’s determination and enthusiasm for diving, and we knew that our Zero to Hero program would be the perfect fit for him.
Over the next six weeks, Faiz will undergo intense training sessions to develop his skills and knowledge in scuba diving. He will also have the opportunity to assist our experienced instructors on real dive trips, gaining valuable hands-on experience. Our team of instructors and staff will be there every step of the way to guide and support Faiz on his journey to becoming a Divemaster. We are confident that by the end of this program, Faiz will not only be a certified Divemaster, but also a confident and skilled diver ready to embark on a career in the diving industry.

Faiz’s passion for diving and his determination to succeed make him the perfect candidate for our Zero to Hero program. We are excited to see him grow and develop throughout the next six weeks, and we cannot wait to see where his diving journey will take him. Welcome to the team, Faiz!

Divemaster from India
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