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Beginner to PADI Divemaster

Our dive internship includes:

  • All PADI Diving Courses from beginner to PADI Divemaster
  • 8 Weeks Accommodation
  • Your own set of professional scuba diving equipment (If you wish)
  • All PADI Course Materials
  • All Certification Fees
  • Unlimited Dives during dive internship (expect to log between 60 and 100 dives)

Take this awesome opportunity to become a PADI professional whilst spending 8 weeks on the gorgeous island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. With almost daily flights to the UK and only 4 hours flying time, flights are very affordable.  Within days you will be diving some of the best dives sites in Europe meeting Turtles, Sting Rays and a huge variety of aquatic life. Meet our international groups of interns and instructors and start making friends for life.

PADI Divemaster internship
Working as a PADI Divemaster (the first professional rating in the PADI system) is one of the most enjoyable diving jobs in the scuba diving industry. Once certified as a Divemaster you can lead divers on underwater tours of the underwater world, coordinate dive trip logistics and taking on a leadership role as a professional diver.

Our 8 week scuba diving internships combine absolutely everything you need to train from beginner to PADI Divemaster; all scuba diving courses, PADI materials and fees, accommodation and if you want even your own set of scuba diving gear to keep.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll be working through PADI courses in sequence, logging many dives and becoming part of our Dive Team. On your dives, which will be almost daily as part of your internship you will start by learning and gradually increasing your dive knowledge and confidence until finally taking on responsibility of leading dives and having a great time along the way.

What’s involved in the scuba diving internship?

PADI Dive Training
Our scuba diving internship follows PADI’s diver education program in sequence.

Dive training proceeds in gradual steps with our expert Team of experienced instructors who will ensure you are comfortable and competent at each stage.

Here are the key steps:
1. PADI Open Water Diver
First we’ll teach you the basics of scuba diving with training including scuba diving theory, shallow water skills and 4 open water dives exploring the best of our underwater world You’ll get certified to dive to 18M and develop scuba skills which are a foundation for everything to come.

2. PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
Next we make 5 more training dives to expand your scuba diving skills and experience into specialised areas of diving. This includes deep diving to a maximum depth of 30 meters, underwater navigation and options for night diving, photography, buoyancy control, search and recovery dives, wreck diving and more.

3. Emergency First Responder and PADI Rescue Diver
Training moves up a gear during the combined EFR & Rescue Diver program.

We begin with a one day CPR/First aid qualification before heading out to the water to learn how to manage and prevent scuba diving emergencies, including both surface and underwater rescue scenarios. You’ll learn and master rescue skills and emergency management, then be put to the test responding to simulated problems. Most people describe this as the best course in the PADI system!

4. PADI Divemaster Internship
Now the step up to dive professional; you’ll develop expert level scuba diving theory, assist with student divers in training and learn to guide certified divers on underwater tours. You’ll be challenged during watermanship and problem solving exercises, create a map of a  dive site and conduct a scuba review for a ‘rusty’ diver. You’ll take on real responsibility, becoming a valued diving professional.

Unlimited Diving
Between these PADI courses and during the Divemaster phase of the internship, you can also fit in some non-training ‘fun-dives’.

You’ll pair up with other intern’s or one of our Divemasters and head out to the dive sites, enjoying the underwater terrain and aquatic life. This is a great way to develop your navigation skills and get familiar with the dive sites.

Scuba Diving Equipment
As part of the scuba internship you have the option of buying your own full set of brand named, professional quality scuba diving equipment at a huge discount. As a professional you will be expected to own all your own kit, however If you choose not to purchase we loan most of it to you for free!

Internship Course Materials and PADI Fees
The diving internship also includes all required PADI materials and certification fees for your training.

PADI materials included;
PADI Open Water Diver Manual
PADI Adventures in Diving Manual
Emergency First Response Manual
PADI Rescue Diver Manual
PADI Divemaster Manual
PADI Instructor Manual
Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
PADI Diving Knowledge Workbook
PADI Recreational Dive Planner (Table and electronic version)
Emergency Management Slate
Adventures in Diving Slate
PADI Divemaster Cue Cards

With our internships we include two months accommodation, which can be extended if you wish.
We offer 3 options depending on your budget; Your own apartment, your own room in an apartment or a shared room.

Already Certified? Get credited on your internship package
If you are already a certified diver or have some of your own dive equipment, let us know. We’ll be able to give you full credit for whatever dive certifications or diving gear you already have.

Just let us know by submitting the following form and we’ll send you a customized quote.

After Qualifying as a PADI Divemaster
Qualifying as a PADI Divemaster opens a range of exciting new options & you’ll be well-prepared to take advantage.

You could put your new PADI Divemaster rating to use by seeking employment within the recreational diving industry. Otherwise you could further your training through to PADI Instructor, which enables you to certify new divers. Or you could diversify into specialized diving activities such as underwater photography or videography, deep/technical diving or marine conservation.

The good news is that if you decide to continue your training, you can simply pay the difference to upgrade to one of our longer dive internship programs. So there’s no disadvantage in opting for the 8 week Divemaster internship to begin.

Internship Start Dates & Booking Procedure
Here at the Divemaster internship Academy we don’t tell you when to start. We run our scuba diving internships as a rolling program so you can arrive whichever date you prefer. We just need some notice to get everything lined up ready for your arrival.

To secure your spot we will require a small deposit.

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