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How much spending money do I need for my internship?

Just so everyone knows we use the Euro in Tenerife.

The island is relatively cheap, compared with the UK and most other European countries, depending on your spending habits!

Our internships include your accommodation, as well as electricity, gas, and normal utility bills, so thats all covered.

Average prices depend on where you go, so here are some examples to help you budget.

Water €0.80 – €1.60 for 10ltr
Lager from €1 – €2.50 a pint
Large Vodka and Red Bull €2 – €5
Burger and chips €4.50 – € 8.00
Steak and chips €8 – €25
Pizza €4 – €10
Meals out €8 – €50

Based on previous interns the average weekly spend on groceries to stock your fridge and cupboard is between €30 – €60

Once a week we have a shopping trip to the “big” supermarket where everyone can stock up on the favourite and required food / drinks.

If paying by Credit card / Debit card in a shop you will require ID, usually your passport.

ATM’s are everywhere and the cost for withdrawal depends on your bank and the bank you are withdrawing from. This is from free to €2 per withdrawal.

Excursions and days out. We get discounts on all watersports and excursions so you will save some money with us.