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What will I do on an average day on my internship?

As you are starting to realise by now we are not a “typical” Dive Centre, so your day will be very different to interns at other Dive Centre’s!

As an overview for the week, firstly we only work 5 days a week!  And when we say work, we mean train you.

The week is split into diving days and non diving days.
Generally speaking 3 days of the week will be spent diving.
These days start at 9am where you will get your diving equipment together before going off to one of more than 50 dive sites we regularly visit in Tenerife. there will also be ample opportunity for night dives which most people love.

We have many varied sites depending on abilities and certification levels, so whatever your current level we have something to suit you.

Normally you will do  2-3 dives per day. All our PADI dive internships include unlimited diving, so even if you want to take a break between PADI courses, you’re still welcome to head out with the Team for some extra ‘fun dives’ (non-training dives).

When you’re not out diving, we’ll be working through the other components of your PADI courses. This will include scuba diving theory covering all important diving principles (physiology, equipment, physics etc), and brushing up your scuba diving skills to perfection in the swimming pool.

Depending on the individuals and the group, you may have 4 days a week diving and 1 in the pool and studying. Either way the Team are very flexible to do whats best for you.

The day ends around 4pm with all the gear cleaned and put away

And what happens at the end of the day?
It’s not written in stone but generally a beer finishes the day off and you can get to chat with everyone about the days events. Theres never a shortage of “dive stories” to be told by our instructors!

Then its off for dinner. Some days there are BBQ’s, some days we arrange to all go out and have a meal and a few more drinks or if we have a day off the next day perhaps a trip to the see the night life of Tenerife. Everything depends on the next days schedule and the groups at the time.  If you fancy a night in, no problem, no pressure.

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