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Whats the Recreational Diving internship?

The Recreational Diving internship is something very unique to the Divemaster internship Academy.

Over the years we have had candidates who loved diving, loved Tenerife, loved the camaraderie of an internship but don’t want to be Divemasters or don’t want to study.

So we introduced the Recreational internship. The internship is basically 8 weeks of diving!

Other than diving you will have presentations about safe diving and additional diving theory, but no study, no courses (unless you want to join in on one).

The rest of the internship stays the same, with the only major differences being you will have more spare time and no certification at the end, just lots of dives and life long memories of a great time with fantastic people.

The Recreational Diving internship is cheaper than the normal internships as there are no PADI materials to purchase.

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