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Who does a diving internship?

A very short answer would be every type of person you can imagine!

However all interns have something in common, a love for being in the ocean and being part of an amazing aquatic world. The span of ages, both genders, nationalities and reasons for completing our diving internships is vast!

It’s not unusual to have the real adventure seekers, people changing their careers after 20 years of doing a different job, graduates on summer break or Gap Year students, or people who have taken early retirement and looking for a new challenge.

Some people are using our diving internships as an extended break or scuba diving gap year; it’s a very economical way to gain a professional PADI scuba diving qualification gives you a means to earn money whilst you travel.

For other individuals the decision to join one of our PADI dive internships is a change of career, seeking a more challenging and fulfilling line of work.

Although not exclusively, a large portion of our diving interns are pre or post university gap year students from all around the world.

We also get a range of people from working backgrounds, either taking an extended break or planning to switch careers and work within the scuba diving industry. We have had Bankers, Policeman, Council workers, Swimming instructors, Life guards, Office workers, Builders, ex Soldiers and a Milkman, to name a few!

Is it men or women, on the internships? We used to say it was 60% men and 40% women, now its at least 55% women and 45% men!

In particular the Canary Islands are VERY safe for solo female travellers. We do not have the political troubles as seen in places like Egypt, we do not have the male dominated society of places as seen in Asia and we have a very low crime rate compared with most European countries.

Our Instructor Team is also well balanced with male and female instructors. We do not segregate the genders in training as we believe everyone should be treated equally.

As for the nationalities of interns we have had just about everyone you can think of! The most common are English, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Finnish, Swedish, American and Italian. The others have been from Egypt, Canada, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and even Malawi!

It is the huge range of nationalities, ages and genders that’s so awe-inspiring to work at the Academy.

To be present when a group sits down to chat over a drink at the end of the days diving and witness a span of ages from 18 to over 50, male and female, married, single, English, Dutch, American and Egyptian,etc, all very excited to be telling each other what they saw that day, is the most rewarding experience for our Instructor Team. It is often commented if all politicians were Divemaster interns, the world would be a much better place!