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What is the accommodation like?

The accommodation we supply is a selction of apartments, town houses or the main Villa all located nearby.

All of the types of accomodation are fully fitted with all “mod cons” Sat TV, full cooking facilties, washing macines, kettle etc.

The majority of the accommodation have a pool on the complexes.

You have the option of sharing a room (most affordable option) or having a room to yourself.

If you have a specfic question relating to the accommodation please contact us.

Below is a selection of pictures showing our accomodation.

I’m not a certfied diver, can I do a diving internship

100% yes.

We have had many “non divers” over the years who have gone on to complete their Divemaster and then Instructor internships.

As a non-diver you have the huge benefit of not having any bad diving habits and usually progress very quickly.


Night life & Entertainment in Tenerife

Tenerife has everything you could possible want in regards of entertainment, nightlife, watersports and relaxing.

For nightlife you got the hot spots of Playa de Las Americas with 100’s of bars and clubs, or beautiful restaurants overlooking the Atlantic in Los Christianos, culture in the North of the island in Santa Cruz or Puerto De La Cruz, stunning botanical gardens, and even a volcano!

Other highlights, other than diving that we can arrange are;

The largest Water park in Europe
Horse Riding
Guided walking tours
Whale and Dolphin watching
Boat trips

We actively encourage all of our interns to get out and see our beautiful island whilst here.

One final note, whilst we respect everybody’s opinions we do not offer or assist in trips to either of the Animal Parks in Tenerife.

Whilst they are still a huge attraction for many, we firmly sit on the side of Whales and Dolphins should NOT be kept in captivity!

Is there internet in Tenerife

Yes we have internet. In fact during your stay with us you will have access to wi-fi at the Academy all day every day.

Also some of our apartments have wi-fi too and if yours doesn’t then just about every bar in Tenerife has free wi-fi.

It is not superfast internet but it is getting better around the whole island.


Which airport in Tenerife is closest to the Divemaster Academy?

The closet airport is Tenerife South. This is serviced by the majority of the budget airlines.

As Tenerife is relatively small, travelling is easy, however to make life easy we will collect you from the airport when you arrive, if you want.

Please ensure you let us know well in advance that you want us to collect you and provide us with all your flight details.

There may be occasions when circumstance make it impossible to collect you from the airport, for example if your flight is significantly delayed and doesn’t arrive until the early hours of the morning. You have to bear in mind the people collecting you need to be up for work the next day and we provide this service for free!

Under these circumstances taxis are relatively cheap or bus transport is even cheaper, just not as convenient, however we will do our best to help.

In all cases, communication is the key and we will provide you with a specific number to call if any problems arise.

Visas and Permit for diving internships

To complete your diving internship generally you do not need a Visa or Permit.

If you are from any European country you do not need a Visa at all.

Some Countries, Russia for example, you do need a travel Visa. You can apply for this in your home Country.

No-one requires a work permit as you are not in paid employment.

A great source of information can be found here, if you have any doubts check first!

How fit do I need to be for an internship?

Health & Fitness
You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to join a scuba internship, but should have basic fitness.

Scuba diving is a very relaxing activity, and is significantly less physically demanding than swimming or snorkeling. To be able to take part in one of our diving internships you need to be in basic decent shape, but nothing special!

And stating the obvious, you also need to be able to swim. You don’t need to be an especially strong swimmer, but it’s essential that you can swim and are comfortable in water.

During your diving internship you will be given ample opportunity to practice your swimming and snorkelling and we encourage you to do so, to improve your all-round basic fitness.

Medical Questionnaire for all Scuba Internships
There are many specific medical conditions which have the potential to be unsafe for scuba divers. These are listed in the PADI Medical Questionnaire.

Examples include ear or sinus surgery, drug or alcohol abuse, cancer, heart disease, pregnancy etc.

If you think you may have concern over a particular illness or injury, contact us and we can discuss it with you.

Contact us here

When can I start a diving internship?

At the Divemaster internship Academy we have no set start dates, so you get to choose when is best for you.

All of our programs are on a rolling start which means you can join when it fits best into your current schedule.

The only restriction you may find is that due to our very unique Divemaster internships we get fully booked very quickly, so we advise to book at least 4 months ahead if you can.

For the instructor internships an additional restriction is your final instructor exams (IE). These are carried out by PADI Examiners who are flown into the island at set dates throughout the year. Obviously you will want to time it so your are ready to take the exams at your best.

We can advise you when the instructor exams are so you will be able to best work out when to start for maximum results.


Do I need Travel or Diving insurance?

We would say you definitely need both!

Diving insurance is required by law in the Canary Islands for all divers, and in addition as you will be embarking on a Professional course you must have insurance that covers this.

Many policies are available and you have the option to find your own or we can arrange this for you.

Since we opened we have never had a diving accident, however in the event of someone needing treatment this would run into the 10’s of thousands! We have many hospitals in Tenerife, both State run and Private, however they would all require payment for a diving accident, so for the few Euros a policy costs, we advise every diver to take it out.

Diving insurance only covers you for incidents relating to diving, so we strongly recommend you also have Travel insurance.

Check your policy carefully to ensure you have taken out the right cover. Dont forget things like your cameras, phones and laptops need to be covered as well as personal accidents and health.

Again there are many companies providing travel insurance, and you may even find you are already covered by various institutions such as your Bank or Credit Card company.

If you have not got Travel insurance the best place to look is Money Super Market, which can be found here

For the amount it costs to take out a travel insurance policy, it’s not worth taking the risk of not having it.



Who does a diving internship?

A very short answer would be every type of person you can imagine!

However all interns have something in common, a love for being in the ocean and being part of an amazing aquatic world. The span of ages, both genders, nationalities and reasons for completing our diving internships is vast!

It’s not unusual to have the real adventure seekers, people changing their careers after 20 years of doing a different job, graduates on summer break or Gap Year students, or people who have taken early retirement and looking for a new challenge.

Some people are using our diving internships as an extended break or scuba diving gap year; it’s a very economical way to gain a professional PADI scuba diving qualification gives you a means to earn money whilst you travel.

For other individuals the decision to join one of our PADI dive internships is a change of career, seeking a more challenging and fulfilling line of work.

Although not exclusively, a large portion of our diving interns are pre or post university gap year students from all around the world.

We also get a range of people from working backgrounds, either taking an extended break or planning to switch careers and work within the scuba diving industry. We have had Bankers, Policeman, Council workers, Swimming instructors, Life guards, Office workers, Builders, ex Soldiers and a Milkman, to name a few!

Is it men or women, on the internships? We used to say it was 60% men and 40% women, now its at least 55% women and 45% men!

In particular the Canary Islands are VERY safe for solo female travellers. We do not have the political troubles as seen in places like Egypt, we do not have the male dominated society of places as seen in Asia and we have a very low crime rate compared with most European countries.

Our Instructor Team is also well balanced with male and female instructors. We do not segregate the genders in training as we believe everyone should be treated equally.

As for the nationalities of interns we have had just about everyone you can think of! The most common are English, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Finnish, Swedish, American and Italian. The others have been from Egypt, Canada, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and even Malawi!

It is the huge range of nationalities, ages and genders that’s so awe-inspiring to work at the Academy.

To be present when a group sits down to chat over a drink at the end of the days diving and witness a span of ages from 18 to over 50, male and female, married, single, English, Dutch, American and Egyptian,etc, all very excited to be telling each other what they saw that day, is the most rewarding experience for our Instructor Team. It is often commented if all politicians were Divemaster interns, the world would be a much better place!

What happens when I arrive for my internship?

After being collected form the airport you will be taken to your accommodation and settled in. We like to try to ensure on everyone’s first night they get to meet all the other interns and staff and sit down for a drink or perhaps a meal to start to get to know one another.
The next day you will be shown around and given all your PADI materials and equipment. Then its straight on to the training.

All of the PADI courses are a mixture of scuba diving theory, shallow water work developing new skills and of course getting out into the ocean. The entire PADI system is progressional and so you are constantly building on what you have already learnt and progressing towards the ultimate aim of PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor.

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What will I do on an average day on my internship?

As you are starting to realise by now we are not a “typical” Dive Centre, so your day will be very different to interns at other Dive Centre’s!

As an overview for the week, firstly we only work 5 days a week!  And when we say work, we mean train you.

The week is split into diving days and non diving days.
Generally speaking 3 days of the week will be spent diving.
These days start at 9am where you will get your diving equipment together before going off to one of more than 50 dive sites we regularly visit in Tenerife. there will also be ample opportunity for night dives which most people love.

We have many varied sites depending on abilities and certification levels, so whatever your current level we have something to suit you.

Normally you will do  2-3 dives per day. All our PADI dive internships include unlimited diving, so even if you want to take a break between PADI courses, you’re still welcome to head out with the Team for some extra ‘fun dives’ (non-training dives).

When you’re not out diving, we’ll be working through the other components of your PADI courses. This will include scuba diving theory covering all important diving principles (physiology, equipment, physics etc), and brushing up your scuba diving skills to perfection in the swimming pool.

Depending on the individuals and the group, you may have 4 days a week diving and 1 in the pool and studying. Either way the Team are very flexible to do whats best for you.

The day ends around 4pm with all the gear cleaned and put away

And what happens at the end of the day?
It’s not written in stone but generally a beer finishes the day off and you can get to chat with everyone about the days events. Theres never a shortage of “dive stories” to be told by our instructors!

Then its off for dinner. Some days there are BBQ’s, some days we arrange to all go out and have a meal and a few more drinks or if we have a day off the next day perhaps a trip to the see the night life of Tenerife. Everything depends on the next days schedule and the groups at the time.  If you fancy a night in, no problem, no pressure.

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Booking procedure for internships

Are you ready to reserve your internship place?
You have 2 options either drop us an email and let us know which scuba internship you’re interested in.
We’ll answer any questions which you have about our internships, diving equipment, accommodation etc, or any random questions you may have.
Or complete the form located here to get a personalised cost for your chosen internship package.

Dive Internships start dates / end dates
Please check our availability here for 2015 and here for 2016.
Due to our popularity there can be periods when we are already full.
The minimum stay is 4 weeks (for the Fast Track internship) or the standard 8 weeks internship. You can extend your stay with us for as long as you want by selecting your required option when completing the form.

Dive Internship Booking Deposit
We’ll ask you for a small deposit of €100 to book your place on the scuba diving internship. You can choose between PayPal or Bank transfer.

Once that’s done, you can go ahead and book your flights to Tenerife. Current airlines are Ryanair, Monarch, Easyjet, Jet2, British Airways to mention a few.

Dive internships Payment Balance
After we have received your deposit we will contact you and confirm when the balance is due. This is usually split into 2 equal payments.

Whats next?
After you have confirmed your reservation by sending your deposit we will contact you with a payment schedule, registration pack and finally a helpful “what to bring” list.

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Why choose the Divemaster Academy for your internship?

The Divemaster internship Academy is simply the best place to come for your PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor internship. We run our internships totally differently from any other Dive Centre. We have radically changed the whole methodology behind scuba diving training for the professional and put YOU first! Add to this our beautiful surroundings with great weather almost 365 days a year and cheap flight connections to all of Europe and the family atmosphere and you will start to understand why we are number one for internships.

Here are some of the reasons that the Divemaster Academy is special:
Internship Training Academy
We are not a Dive Centre that also tries to do internships. We are an Academy for internships! That means a dedicated team of instructors to teach, train and inspire YOU.

With a limited intake of interns and a high ratio of Instructors to interns we believe we are in the best position to give you a fantastic time during your scuba diving internship.

Having trained a huge number of PADI Divemasters and PADI Instructors we have listened to all the feedback and taken all “the best bits” and combined them into one Academy for your best experience and highest possible standards.

Want a job? We only employ Divemasters and Instructors who have been trained by us, why? Because of our very high standards no other Dive Centre matches our expectations. Once you have completed your internship you are welcome to stay on for more experience and if exceptional there is always a strong possibility of employment with us.

The Divemaster internship Academy has a friendly and fun atmosphere with lots going on and a great social scene. We believe you should work hard and play harder!

Because we train diving professionals from all levels you will get to experience and chat to all kinds of divers from all over the world.

Best location in Europe? We think so!
We are located in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. With almost daily connecting flights to most of Europe and the “budget” airlines flying to Tenerife, flights are very affordable.

In Tenerife we have everything from Europe’s largest Water Park, a stunning volcano, long sandy beaches, beautiful warm blue Atlantic ocean and 1,000’s of bars, restaurants, cafes, and so many things to do, on your days off you will be spoilt for choice.

Experienced Instructors
At the Academy we have a team of very experienced PADI scuba diving instructors, with many years of teaching experience behind them. Our emphasis is on making you a safe, competent diver and dive leader .

Our Instructors are able not only to teach you to be a PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor but also give you the extra knowledge to get into employment quickly and how to avoid the pitfalls that a lot of newly certified Divemasters fall into when trying to find work.

The whole team are committed to high standards of service and safety, demonstrated through our excellent safety record. Since opening we have never hand a serious diving related incident. Something we are very proud of and rigorously strive to maintain.

Safe, Fun & Friendly Scuba Internships
Staying safe is the most important thing when scuba diving, and we’ll make sure that you clearly understand all the PADI training that you receive and act as a safe and responsible diver.

But we also remember why people get into scuba diving – to have fun! The tone of our dive internship programs in general is to enjoy ourselves whilst staying safe.

Social Environment
Our team of PADI instructors, Divemasters and interns such as yourself makes for a great social crowd where there’s always something fun going on.

Once you arrive in Tenerife for your dive internship you’ll be sure to settle in quickly, make lots of friends and become part of the Divemaster internship Academy Team.

During the day even though you will be busy with diving, diving theory or practicing your pool skills, fun is never far away. The training Director who has experience with training in many fields, not just diving, firmly believes people learn better and quicker whilst having fun, and this is seen throughout the Academy.

In the evenings you have time to relax and enjoy yourself. The training Team will show you the best places to go, the most exciting things to do and where the best deals are. The nights will vary from chilling with a BBQ, to dancing the night away in Tenerife’s top bars and clubs.

At the Academy we have a 5 day week, unlike most who work a 6 day week, so you will have plenty of time to relax, explore and have fun.

Whats next?
Following the links below to contact us or complete the form with your details to get a personalised cost of your internship package.

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Whats the difference between Budget internship and All inclusive?

With our Budget option internship the main differences are you will share a room with another intern, use recycled diving manuals, and buy limited amount of dive kit. The rest of your dive kit we loan you for free!

With the All inclusive option you have your own room, or apartment if you want, new PADI manuals, and a full set of diving equipment of your very own to keep.

The Mix and Match option allows you to choose which elements of the All inclusive option you want to add to the Budget option.

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I have no experience of diving at all, is that a problem?

That’s not problem. We will take you from having no diving certifications at all to the first of the PADI Professional ranks, the PADI Divemaster.

Many of our most succesful Divemaster candidates have started with no diving experience.

The most important attribute for any Divemaster or diving professional for that matter is……………………. Attitude!

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