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PADI Specialities Miia

I start my PADI Specialities

My second week in PADI Divemaster training has involved different PADI Specialty courses for the PADI Master Scuba Diver program. We started the week with Peak Performance Buoyancy with Sas, Simon and Dominic. From a rusty beginning it was a good fun practice different positions, play with hoops and basically challenge oneself with different approaches. Next day’s agenda included Underwater Navigation course learning first the basics of the compass and then applying the same skills underwater.
Firstly we figured out our fin kick distances per 10 meters and then we did basic mapping with a heading directions underwater. I enjoyed to see the new part of the reef as I haven’t dived in Montana Falda before and it was really interesting to see the big rock formations. The navigation practices gave me more confidence for my own diving and trust to my compass and sense of direction. Mapping was an interesting challenge but I enjoyed the brain teaser. I also did my first Project AWARE dive picking rubbish and killing black longspine seaurchines. Seeing the areas where the black longspine seaurchines have started the invasion really gave me a new perspective of the problem in hand and I think that should be every diver in Tenerife should be aware of. I spend Thursday studying skill courses theory and PADI Divemaster manual and Friday we completed Emergency Oxygen and Nitrox courses. So now I’m certified O2 and Nitrox diver. I also observed Stan’s PADI Rescue course scenarios as a part of PADI Divemaster training. On a personal note I said goodbye to my room mate Charlene this week. The house is definitely more quiet and now I’m just waiting for new room mates.


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