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PADI Divemaster Tenerife

Mapping a Dive Site in Tenerife

Fourth week at Tenerife Diving Academy.
Sunday I went on a dive to do my first ever map of the Abades reef with Charlie who is studying for his IDC, Lucas was to count the kick cycles and I was to take notes of the depths while Baptise was to take down note of bearings. When we got back to the dive shop we were to then make a map showing what we learned including natural reference points, however the kick cycles were nit accurate so when I attempted to do my map to scale it was not correct and I had to redo the map three times. Also managed to get 2 minutes 30 seconds off my original 800m snorkel swim.
Monday I went on a fun dive with Baptiste and Lucas and was able to learn some more fish and also managed to kill a few Black long spined sea urchins.
Tuesday I went on fun dives with Baptiste and Craig this time and we managed to see Barracuda for the first time at the trumpet fish cave and then out of nowhere there was a whole school of them but they were pretty far away to get a good look at them.
Wednesday I was out on a fun dive with Baptiste and Lucas but before that it was my turn to do my first diving brief, Pete thought I done really well.
Thursday I done my second briefing in front of another instructor this time I felt more confident and was able to do it without making any mistakes, Baptiste, Lucas and I went on our fun dive but this was a dive I would remember as on our way to trumpet fish cave we came across a large school of white bream and it was mesmerising all of a sudden there was a large school of barracuda right in front of us in between the white bream it truly was amazing to see and I loved every minute of it.

PADI Rescue course begins next week so let’s see how I get on with that.


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