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Over the last few years scuba diving professionals, scuba diving Agencies and the Spanish Government have been working on updating the antiquated and somewhat strange regulations controlling diving.
The new regulations have been formulated and announced with effect from the 1st July 2020.

Diving Medical Form.
It is a 2 part form. You fill in the first page and if you answer no to everything then it is time to go diving as normal.
If you answer a yes to one of the sections on page 1 then you need to refer to the corresponding section on page 2.
If you put a yes to any of the points in the corresponding sections on page 2, then you will need to get a doctor to sign you off as fit to scuba dive on page 3, before starting your fun dives or PADI courses.
We will be sending these medical direct to our customers to complete prior to arrival.

Diving Equipment.
Contrary to what some Dive Centres tell you there IS a minimum set of diving equipment!
The biggest change is EVERY diver must carry a delayed surface marker buoy (SMB / DSMB) and cutting tool.
All of our PADI Pros have always had to carry a knife, but the SMB is a new and we believe a great step in diver safety.  Previously only PADI Instructors were required to carry this.
If you are on a DM or Instructor program you will need to purchase these items.
If you are diving with us recreationally then we will have these items for hire.
An important note is at the end of EVERY dive a SMB must be deployed by at least 1 member of the dive group.
For our customers who are interested there is a training course available on the correct and safe use of an SMB.
If you need any clarification on these points do let us know.