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Have you always felt that inside of you there is a Mermaid or Merman who is just waiting to be set free?
Ever dreamed of swimming effortlessly underwater? Graceful, poised and elegant. Swimming among the fish without the aid of breathing apparatus, silent and at peace……. With a Mermaid tail!!!!

The PADI Mermaid Diver course is a PADI Distinctive Freediver Specialty course where you can turn your childhood dream of turning into a mermaid into reality. In this unique PADI course, only available from us,  you learn everything you need to know to become a real life Mermaid and it is also a great introduction into PADI Freediving.

During the program you will have a stretching and relaxation session, to warm up and stretch your muscles, and get into the right mindset of freediving and practice breathing techniques to be able to hold your breath longer. After the breathing, stretching and breath hold training it is time to enter the water.
You will practice swimming in a mermaid tail, try some underwater modelling and learn some basic mermaid rescue skills. You will get some pictures of you as a Mermaid too.
The PADI Mermaid Diver course is suitable for all mermaid interested people who are at least 12 years old. You must be a competent swimmer to enroll in this course.

The PADI Basic Freediver is a requirement to take part in the Mermaid Specialty and so this will be taught in conjunction with the Mermaid program, if you do not already have it. The PADI Mermaid Diver course welcomes people who are new in the mermaid world as well as experienced Mermaids and Mermen.
Water experienced people like scuba divers, swimmers or surfers will learn many new things in the PADI Mermaid Diver course and will be everything but bored.

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PADI Mermaid Tenerife

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