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Advanced Scuba Training

Continue your adventures and get the skills and experience you need to dive the world’s best dive sites, with scuba diving Speciality programs.

Whatever your passion is, we have a diving program dedicated to what you love.

You can choose from nearly 30 individual programs.

When progressing your way through the Specialitys you will also earn recognition by reaching the Specialty Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Master Diver ratings.

Boat Diving Specialty

Discover pristine dive sites that cannot be reached from shore and experience the excitement of liveaboard diving. Learn all you need to dive from boats with the SSI Boat Diving Specialty.

Diver Stress and Rescue

Learn to identify stress, prevent accidents, and learn rescue diver skills with this essential Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty program. Help yourself and other divers to stay safe.

Dry Suit Diving Specialty

Become a dry suit diver and dive all year, anywhere in the world. Join the Dry Suit Diving specialty today and learn all the knowledge and skills you need to safely and comfortably dive in a dry suit.

Equipment Techniques

Learn about diving equipment maintenance and how to choose and store your kit for maximum performance and longevity. Get the most from your dive kit investment with the Equipment Specialty.

Search & Recovery

Make lost items a thing of the past with the SSI Search & Recovery specialty program. You will learn all you need to plan and conduct search and recovery dives, so you can find lost items with maximum ease and minimum stress.

Wreck Diving Speciality

Do you want to explore iconic towering shipwrecks and dive World War airplanes covered in vibrant marine life? Discover the world of wreck diving and get started today with the SSI Wreck Diving Specialty.

Photo & Video Specialty

Learn how to take underwater photos that capture your dive highlights and incredible marine life encounters with the SSI Photo & Video Specialty program. Use GoPros or any other underwater camera. Get started online today.

Shark Ecology Specialty

Sharks are vital for healthy oceans and are truly spectacular to dive with! Join the SSI Shark Ecology program and learn how to dive safely with sharks, why their behaviours are misunderstood and more. If you are lucky dive with an Angel Shark!

Sea Turtle Ecology

You will learn to identify sea turtles species, discover their history and role in marine ecosystems, and threats to their survival. Upon completion, you will earn the SSI Sea Turtle Ecology Specialty certification.

Fish Identification

Learn how to identify fish with the Fish Identification program and enhance your dives! Discover all you need to identify families of Caribbean, Indo-Pacific and Red Sea reef fish and earn Fish Identification Specialty certification.

Night Diving & Limited Visibility

Diving does not end when the sun goes down! Become a night diver and meet the incredible marine life that only comes out at night. Join the SSI Night Diving and Limited Visibility Specialty program.

Waves, Tides & Currents

Take control of your dives no matter the conditions with the SSI Waves, Tides and Currents specialty. Learn all you need to go diving in currents, waves and rivers, enjoy safe shore diving and learn about the currents.

Scooter DPV Diving Specialty

Enjoy longer dives, explore further and cover a larger area on every dive. Learn how to use and maintain a DPV. Become an SSI Scooter / DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) Specialty Diver. Get started today.

Science of Diving Specialty

Immerse in physics, physiology, decompression theory and the aquatic environment with the online SSI Science of Diving Specialty. Learn all the theory behind the diving. You will be halfway to earning your Divemaster rating.

Marine Ecology Specialty

The Marine Ecology Specialty program is the best way to discover the exciting science of marine ecology and become an underwater naturalist. Enhance your dives in a new way. Earn the Marine Ecology specialty certification.

Marine Mammal Ecology

Do you have a passion to save the ocean and the marine animals that call these oceans their home? Does the thought of diving with whales fascinate you? Learn more about the biology and ecology and conservation of marine mammals.

Independent Diver Speciality

The Independent Diver specialty will teach you to rely on yourself first with specialized techniques and the use of specialised scuba diving equipment. This specialty is also attractive to Pros such as Divemasters and Instructors.

Navigation Specialty

Become a better, more confident diver who always knows where they are going. Learn how to use a dive compass, natural navigation techniques and much more. Join the SSI Navigation specialty today!

Deep Diving Specialty

Many exciting and iconic dive sites lie in deeper waters. The SSI Deep Diving Specialty will get you there - safely and with confidence. Learn how to plan and conduct dives to between 18 and 40 metres

Perfect Buoyancy

The SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty is the best way to improve your body position for relaxed dives, lower your air consumption, increase your bottom times and learn how to glide like a Pro.

React Right - Specialty

Learn how to manage emergencies and act as a first responder with the SSI React Right specialty. This is the best emergency first response course there is and includes first aid, CPR skills, oxygen administration all combined in the one great speciality.

Coral Identification

Discover the wonders of coral reefs with the SSI Coral Identification Specialty program. In this coral dive specialty program, you will learn all that you need to identify families of coral and earn the Coral Identification specialty certification.

Manta & Ray Ecology

Diving with Mantas and other Rays is one of the best dive experiences you will have. Learn how to safely interact with Rays, here in Tenerife, and recognise different species with the SSI Manta & Ray Ecology Specialty program.

Recreational Sidemount

Having scuba tanks on your back isn’t a requirement for Scuba diving. Scuba divers have discovered the joy of mounting cylinders on their sides. Sidemount diving gives you flexibility and streamlining options.