Scuba Diving Prices

All of our guided dives include a PADI Professional as your guide.
We offer FREE collection and drop off to your Hotel / Apartment within 30 minutes of our Dive Centre.
All of our diving equipment is inspected weekly and maintained regardless of cost.
All diving equipment serviced regularly by independent engineers.
Money back guarantee if weather stops diving.

All package dives include hire of tank and weights.
15 ltr Tanks at no extra charge.

PADI Course NameDuration of courseCost of course
PADI Discover Scuba DivingHalf day€70
PADI Scuba Diver2 Days€250
PADI Open Water Diver3-4 Days€370
PADI Adventure Diver1-2 Days€200
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver2-3 Days€270
PADI Rescue Diver2-3 Days€320
EFR 1 Days€110
PADI Speciality Course NameNumber of DivesCost of course
PADI Aware Fish ID2 Dives€150
PADI Boat Diver2 Dives€150
PADI Deep Diver4 Dives€195
PADI Drift Diver2 Dives€150
PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider1/2 Day€120
PADI Night Diver3 Dives€195
PADI Nitrox (EAN) Diver1/2 Day€120
PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver2 Dives€150
PADI Search and Recovery Diver4 Dives€195
PADI Surface Marker Bouy (SMB) Diver2 Dives€150
PADI Underwater Digital Photography2 Dives€150
PADI Underwater Navigation Diver3 Dives€175
PADI Wreck Diver4 Dives€195
Dive PacksShore DivesBoat Dives

Spanish law requires all divers in Tenerife and Canary Islands to have diving insurance, If you dont have diving insurance its no problem we can arrange daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly insurance for you within minutes.
Prices starting from 6€ per day.