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If you are looking for the most successful Instructor Training Course (ITC) in the region, you have found it!

At Tenerife Diving Academy we offer the SSI Instructor Training Course and are happy to accept divers from all agencies, who meet the prerequisites.

Should you choose to take the next step with us we will do everything we can to ensure you are ready for your move into the world of instructing by including 5 of the most sought after Specialtys to help you stand out and progress though the instructor levels from day one.

We also off an experience program where you can do some real word teaching after you qualify.

Instructor Training Course ITC IDC Tenerife

During this intensive course you will learn the SSI Total Teaching System and philosophy under the guidance of our 2 in house Instructor Trainers.

By the end of the ITC you will have learned the skills, knowledge, and teaching tools required to sit your 2 day SSI Instructor Evaluation (IE) and then go on to work as an SSI Instructor anywhere in the world.

Upon successful completion of your IE our Trainer will continue to work with you to gain 5 further Specialty Instructor ratings.

These additional Specialty Instructor ratings will further help you to excel as a diving instructor and make the most of your new career in the diving industry.

As the ITC is all about becoming an SSI Instructor it is necessary for you have your skills and knowledge up to date.

As such it is important the you can do all the skills in the SSI Open Water Diver Course comfortably as well as the Diver Stress and Rescue Skills.

You should also have reviewed all of the course material from SSI Open Water Diver Through Divemaster including Stress & Rescue and Science of Diving.

At the ITC your Instructor Trainers will work on perfecting your presentation and problem solving skills.

If you are not properly prepared on arrival it will not be possible to get you up to speed with any shortcomings in your basic knowledge and skills in the 10 days allotted for the ITC.
Your Pre-ITC prep and self study sessions should ideally start 2 months before you arrive.
If you are unsure of your skills or knowledge let us know and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

We run Pre-ITC workshops before every ITC and highly recommend you come along as it will help you and make your more relaxed for the forthcoming Instructor Training Course

Contact us for details.