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Time To Say Goodbye To 2022

Time To Say Goodbye To 2022

Time to say goodbye to 2022

This would be the year of recovery and exceptional growth, here at the Tenerife Diving Academy.

Where positivity always wins, we surpassed last year and had the best year, in 15 years of being a PADI Dive Centre.

To list a few of our achievements in 2022;
• For the 8th year in a row, we have trained more #PADI #Divemasters than any other Dive Centre in the Region.
• We were the only active PADI CDC Career Development Centre in the region.
• We have assisted in no less than 9 PADI #Instructors reaching the Elite status.
• 5 of which have also become PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers.
• Kim has maintained her Platinum status for PADI Course Director for an amazing 5th year.
• Issued almost 3,000 Pro PADI certifications over the years.
• Still have one of the few 100% Safety records in Tenerife, with no accidents or injuries.
• And perhaps the best news was that Kim and Pete will be having a baby boy in June 2023.

With all these achievements in mind we look forward to the new progressive, modern way of creating quality scuba divers and not creating a Brand!

Time to say hello to our new SSI family which are very excited to be working with in the future.

With lots of new training programs, digital products that work fantastically and the best diving training available, at recreational and professional level, 2023 is going to be a great year.

Also, thanks to the Instructors and Divemasters that have been part of our Team this year and done an amazing job at the sharp end.

And ongoing thanks to Fiona, who quietly makes life for everyone a lot easier.

So, as we dive into 2023 we wish everyone an awesome, healthy, and happy year and hope to see you soon.


Time To Say Goodbye To 2022

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