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Time to say goodbye to Oli and Jess

All good things come to an end……

Time to say goodbye to Oli and Jess.

After some 18 months, here in #Tenerife and achieving more than 350 certifications, Oli is leaving to fulfill his lifelong dream of working for the BBC on a certain “wildlife” program.

Oli joined us to complete his #PADI #Divemaster certification and then went on to become a PADI #Instructor

After this he went on to become a PADI #MSDT and then Staff Instructor where he helped on several IDC’s.

He has had an impact on so many of our #PADI #Pros during his time here and we wish him well on his amazing new #adventure.

Jess has a similar story, starting her training to become a Divemaster then onto Instructor and then MSDT.

Since February she has amassed nearly 200 certifications, a great achievement for a new Instructor.

Also going with them is Archie who they adopted from the local Dog Rescue Shelter.

We wish them both well back in #England and look forward to hearing updates of their #travels

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