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Want to become an Open Water diver in Tenerife, her is how you do it…

Alain, a diver from mainland #Spain, was drawn to the pristine waters of #Tenerife to explore its rich marine life. With a passion for #diving, he wasted no time in signing up for the Basic Diver course with our team at the dive center.
From the very first day, it was clear that Alain was a natural in the water and had a strong understanding of diving principles. He quickly grasped the required skills and techniques, impressing his instructor.
As Alain progressed through the Basic Diver course, he was constantly amazed by the diversity and beauty of the marine life in Tenerife. From colorful schools of #fish to majestic sea #turtles each dive brought new and exciting discoveries. Alain was thrilled to learn about the different species and their behaviors, as well as the importance of conserving and protecting these fragile ecosystems.
At the end of his Basic Diver course, Alain was beaming with pride as he received his certification. But his journey was far from over. Being a true adventurer at heart, Alain couldn’t resist the opportunity to continue his diving education by enrolling in the Scuba Diver course. With his new found skills and knowledge, he was eager to delve deeper into the underwater world and explore even more of Tenerife’s captivating dive sites.
As he prepares to return to Tenerife to complete his Scuba Diver course with us, Alain is already planning future #diving trips.
The island has truly captured his heart, and he looks forward to many more memorable dives in the crystal-clear waters of Tenerife. We are excited to have Alain back and cannot wait to see where his passion for diving will take him next.
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